Tips to price your home accurately when selling

price your home accurately

Originally posted at Jamie Owen Youtube Channel on March 28, 2019.



Are you thinking of selling your home?

How are you going to determine the asking price?

Pricing your home accurately is key to selling your home in any market.  If you’re trying to price your home to sell, this video will give you some practical tips for doing so accurately.




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Jamie Owen

Jamie Owen is a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser located in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in Denver, Colorado and moved to Ohio in 1996. He has been an appraiser since 1998 and continues to work full time as an independent fee appraiser. Jamie has completed more than 7,000 appraisals in his career. He writes a weekly blog at, where he writes on topics related to real estate appraising and other real estate related topics. Jamie enjoys sharing information with others about the appraisal profession, while at the same time learning from other real estate professionals.

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