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My life was a literal mess last year. I was getting married to the love of my life in two months, and all I could think about was how much STUFF I had. How am I ever going to fit this into our new little home?


wedding dresses in closetI have always known that planning a wedding would take a lot of time, but I was not prepared for the amount of “cleaning out” I would have to do before starting a life with my new husband! 


I went through at least 5-6 massive boxes of things before our wedding, but I still had boxes at my parents’ house, in my previous roommates’ apartment, and in my future home.


During those first few months of marriage, I felt like a mess. I had more things than I knew what to do with, but I couldn’t seem to part with any of them!


Finally, I asked one of my friends for her advice on minimalist living, and she recommended the book Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  I read that book every spare minute I could get and set to work creating a joy-filled space!


Today as I sit in my cozy, little living room, I can honestly say that I could not be more happy with how my closet, my drawers, and my whole home feels and looks. I never could have dreamed that my home would be this clean and tidy!


Here are three tidying tips that made all the difference in my “closet makeover” journey:


1. Value things by how they make you feel.


You may think, as I used to, that this seems a little obvious. I mean, why would I keep something that made me feel bad? The key to figuring out how things make you feel is to pay attention to how “heavy” or “light” your spirit feels when you consider an item. I found myself realizing that I absolutely despise certain articles of clothing, and I was forcing myself to wear them simply because I owned them! It was so refreshing to share those things with someone who really loved them.



2. Make your closet look pretty.


This was so new to me. A closet is just a place to store things, right? So I thought. As I grew to organize my closet by how pleasant it appeared, I found myself enjoying how I felt when I walked in. It became a joy to me to choose a shirt to wear as I saw how nice and pretty they looked hanging up. Another nice thing about having a pretty closet is you soon discover what you don’t use, and are able to give those items away without regret.



3. Keep the things you love.


I am a sentimental person. When I went through things as a teenager, I would cling to the things that I used to love as a child, afraid to let them go. As I allowed myself the freedom to keep the items I thought I loved, I grew to understand that maybe I didn’t truly want as many things as I believed! I was clinging to things out of fear that they would be taken away, but once I gave myself the freedom to keep them if I really wanted to, I was able to release more of them to share with someone else. This thought seems so contradictory, but it really worked for me and gave my mind some freedom.


I really enjoyed giving my closet a makeover, and found that once I had finished the closet, I could hardly wait to take on the dresser, and then the bookshelves! Before I knew it, my whole house was nice and tidy. It is such a blessing to me and my new husband to be able to relax in a home that only has just what we need and love.


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Laura Ulveling

Laura is a freelance writer, equipped with an English degree, strong coffee, and a sense of humor. She loves to take something that seems ordinary and use creative writing to make it explode into vibrant life. The simplest thing can be fascinating when it is seen from a fresh angle. She is experienced in content marketing and has a background of work in the marketing and advertising industry.

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