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Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Consumer Home Value. We are always looking for guest bloggers to contribute relevant, thought-provoking and high-quality content.

Please read our general guidelines:

-Our broad categories for guest bloggers is home, renting, moving, buying, selling and investing.

-Our audience is Consumers. Cast aside any agendas and share helpful honest advice or experience.

-Compelling and comprehensive content that fits with the tone of our site.

-Original content only for our site and nowhere else (including your site) now or anytime in the future. We will let you know within 7 to 10 days if we accept your article.

-Articles will typically be featured within eight weeks but don’t hold us to that.

-You can link out as many times as you want as long as your links benefit the reader.

-We can provide the featured image but please provide any relevant pictures if they are 100% royalty-free.

-Sources should be properly attributed and hyperlinked. Do the same for images.

-Everyone loves a good story. So consider wrapping your content around a story.

-Articles can be any length over 800 words. We are looking for great articles no fluff.

Here’s what we won’t accept:

-Articles that need more than just minimal editing.

-Sales and marketing propaganda.

-Plagiarism – we will check.

-Anything offensive or inaccurate.

How to Submit

-You can submit posts on our site or email info@consumerhomevalue with a word document or include the content in the body of the email and send pictures as attachments.

-Include author bio, headshot, links to website, and social media (limit 4).


-We will share your article across all of our channels and you should do the same, in order to reach the biggest possible audience.

-Be available to respond to comments posted on the website and social media sites where the article is promoted. The more you can respond and engage the better.

We look forward to reading your article and hope you will be a regular contributor.